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says: "it appears an agreement to prevent this new year's ttx hike s in sight. but it's not done."mcconnnll says: "" can report that we've reached an agreement on all of sticking points remain over whether to delay automaticc cuts -the viie president and top republican in the senate going up on couples making &pless than $445,000 a year, eetend unemployment benefits for a year and raise the state tax rate. mcconnell says: "we wiil continue to work on smarter waas to ut sppnndng but ets nnt let that hold up protecting americans placc in 10 hours." he ffamework unner discussiin taxxhikes aad republicans to &pcompromise on spending cuts. this as some memberr bristling and others wonderrnn if the votes are there to pass it. harkin says: "no deal is betterrthan a baa deal and deal the way this is shaping up."paul says: "you will raise taxes nd feel good cause you will stick it to rich people. but guess hat, you may not
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get more revvnue."davis says (oncam tag): "operationally, the ccuntry is going ttogo ff thh cliff beccuseethere's throoghhbooh chambers before midnight. ut tax hikes and before they maae aa pashington, jennifer davis, fox ews." whhle the fiscal cliif resolution hangs in the ballnce...americans could soon breathe a sigh of relief when it comes o milk prices. prices.lawmakers agreed to &psign a one year extension ff the u-s farm bill... that woulddstop prices frrm doubling in 2013.the compromise was reached in he house of representatives' agriculture commmttee...the &psenate... and the be siined b the president. a violent weekend in baltimore.... as police investigate four separate ssoot. shootings. the latesttinnvolves man shot road anddbryant avenue. we &pwere on the scene as homicide p:30 last night. hey found the man with multippe gun shot wounds... the inveetigatioo backed up &ptrrffic as detecttves searche for clues. police haven't released any
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information on the suspect.... orr he victim's condition. nd a man was shot in baltimooe. it happened on fenwick road around 3::0 &ppunday afternoon as the shooter fled the scene.... he actually slammed his car into still searching for the poliie ask you call iffyou have any information on these four seeerate shootings. with just hours left in 2012..... baltiiore city has mmrder rate. so far this year, phere have been 216 homicides .... comparee to 197 in all of 2001. baltimore counny pollce are investigating the ssooting found the 15 ear old shot just aftee nine saturday night. p police are looking ffr two males suspects. 15995 right now it appears a robbery ... oc: sooe ype of concluuionn115926 115926 thh tten has been treatedd
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for his gunshot wounds and released from the hospital. 3 same-sex couples in maryland arr counting down the hours... until their marriages become official. at 12:01 a-m ... less than seven hours from now... the new llw goes into effect. ceremonies areescceduled too take place at city hall... shortly affer party--oers ring in theenew year.since december 6th... same-sex couples in marriige licenses... buttttose licenses do not officially take effect until tommrrow. in maine... that state'ssfirst ever same sex marriage happened over the weekend. the first in llne whhn the ere - dooos openee at ciiy hall in portland just after midnight saturdda. more thaa -hundred supporters greeteddthe couple as thee came out of the lerk's office. voters in maine approved sames sexxunions in november. &p he law too pffect ooer the weekend. heevy security planned tonight at the inner harror as 20133 crime anddjustice reporter jjy lepola streaming
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live protect those downnown as well asscity resiients. ((joy)) abllb 3 ((pkg)) s the stage is set to rrng in 2013police are already in place. from the ground and froomthe air. 6:45:56 theee's gonna be cops everywhere we're gonna be on correes were gonna be walking foot were gonnn be driving around in cars :00 with paarol cars... crrising through city ceeebatory gunfire from erupting.... new tactics ... tested out over the summer... are again being rolled out.a perimetee around theeharbor... for crowd contrrl is just one of those tacttcs.66:4:110and
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scruttny over exit and entry points it also allows for post event traffic on pratt street real issue :21((nattpop)) phey're expecting tens of thousands offpeoole to be here evening thereeareealso cameras that will e keeping a close eye on any potential trouble oot of the six hunnred &pcitywidde.. one hundred are specifically focused on the harbor.6:44:28 they're gonna police officers.and that comms as gooo news to visitors... 8:12:03 i don't feel uncomfortable witt large groups usually with a big enough group there's gonna be enougg pho's visiting from north carolina is just one of the thousands police ntenddto &pkeep safe tonighh.:11:13 very enjjyable walk around itts aa little cold and smiles you're seeing used toniiht by past celebrations thaa resulted n seriius injuries.
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joy lepola fox 45 eww at 5. 3&preparations are nearly complete for baltimore's nee year's celebration. celebration.ttis barge is already filled with almost 2-- pireworrs... ann is ready to bb towed into the inner harbor foo the big spectacle.the explosives will be part of a 15- minute show sst to music... and it'sssponsooed by you can expecc some orange ii the skk tonight. ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico: 1.00 "everything's all scripted to music, hat way, that ay ii all goes off at certain times--a certaii note hiis, an explosion goes off in the sky." sky."the show costs 60 thousand dollars to put on..he music will begin at 9 o'clock and the fireworks will begin promptly at midnight. the second season has arrrvvd for the ravens. sportss director bruce cunningham is here with the stooy of a very interesting first rounnd playoff opponent for the purple and black.. withh n up and down regular
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season behind hem, theravens bbarrell of the futuree.this sunday, they open the nfl playoffs by hosting the indianapolis colts... the ravens have been , of course, a battered football team...numerous injuries contributed to aathree game losing december.. and losses in four of their last five games..but the palking wounddd alllgot yysterday off, ray lewis will probably takethe ffeld and the oddsmakkrr have them 6 and all looks to be cming together aad john harbaugh feels pretty upbeat, to sayy the least... "i like the fact that we've overrome a lot of adversity both peesonal and team. i like the fact that our guys have stuck together through a lot &o makee a teammwhat it is. ii' looking forward to eeiig who pe are for the next onn game through how ever many games we to beea big challenge. it's a wouldn't wanttto be coachinn ravens."r team besides thh &p3what harbaugh thiiks about t
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colts precocious young q-b...ttht's coming up later in the hhur n ssorts. ttat brings us to ourrquestion of the day.will the ravens beat the cclts? go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us wwat you think. yoo can aso sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. text our answer to 44203. fox45b for no. and we asked you to showwus pouu purple pride.... pride.... take a look at thhsslittle fan.... franklin is wearing purple from head to toe.... and is ready to ee ourr &pstarters baak on the field next sunday. and here's a photo of edwin, josiah and jessica. their ready for winter nd alll &pdecked out in their black and purple avens hats. how us... your purple pride.go to... foxbaltimore dottcom to upload your pictures or send thee directly from your cclllto purple at ravens photo gallery at facebook dot com slash... how are the oadd looking tonig? tonight?carrie peircc has our
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trrffic edge repprt. mdot- 695 greenspring mdot- 95 north of 195map a eighborhood in elliiott city gets a visit.... from the walking ddad. velma vs. the walking dead, scene 8b, take one one a film crew was in the terra maria develoomeet last night... -&fi called "velma versus the walking dead". producers chose the aea because the eighborhood surrounds the ruins of a century ld semiiary. the zombie extrasswere chosen online... and some of the neighbors were even used. doctors keepinn a close eye on
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secretary oo state hillary clinton..the latest health the hospital. t her backktoo - 3 police make an arrest in a second subway attack.... whyy the womannsays sheepushed a &p3 the terrorists simmly walked into thh compound virtually unid unimpeded 3a sccthing new reeoot on thee major security lapse it blamed. 3 3--adblib weather tz---
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secretary of state hillary tonight.she'ssbeing treated for a blood clot stemming from earlier this david lee miller repoots, officials are doonplaying suggestions that her condition is serious. serious. 3 sscretary of state hospiialized.... after the discovery of a blot clot on sunday. doctors found sustained eerlier this month. ecretary clinton is under observation at new yyrk presbyterran hospital through tuesday... wherr shh is being treated with blood thinners. the state department releasing a stateeeet, aying in part quooe:((fs))"hee doctors will continue to assess her conddtion, including other determine if any further her - action is required." depends on where it is... so far, no information regarding the location of pclinttn's clotá has been released.kirschenbaum says: trauma, may make her at riskk
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for ddveloping a bleed in her head, because they're thinning out her blood. it issa classic and very smart movv to bring her innthe hospptal and observe her carefully." the top us. diplomat was expected to return to work sidelined by a stomach-virus g wwich left herrseverely dehydrattd. butt she suffered the concussion after fainting due to the clinton's ilness forced hee to cancel some overseas triis, áandá her plans to testiff in front of congress on deceeber twentieth... in connection tt the deedly in benghazi. secretary - says "..secretary clinton has &pstressed she remains ready to &ptestify before she stees down ffom her post next month. in meanwhile, we're learning new details about the deadly september 11-th terror attack penghazi. consulate in - aabb-partisan senate rrport found terrrristt essentialll walked right into the compound. the report was releassd today by the senate
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coomittee on homeland security and governmeet affairs. it bllmes the state department, innlarge part, for faaling to respond toorequests for more seccirty resources. the terrorists imply walked unimpeded and set it ablaze - due tooextremely poor security. ///butt to///the state department either ignored or repeated pleas for more o assistancethe attack left u-s ammasssdor chris tevens ann three other americans dead. its the ravens against the colts this sunday in the firstt round of the playoffss ann itss win? brian writes on ourr facebook page...."of course! pavens."and jesse rites..."i hope ss. i have not llked the colts since they left baltimore." and any others are confident
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that tte ravens wwll enn up go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you thinkk you can allo sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. text your answer to 45203. enter ox45a ffr yes.. or fox45b for no. 3 nevilleessanfield-nnighbor)"i want it shut down..this is thrre homicides in as many year" yeaas." another murder ... &poutside a len bbrnne tavern. fed uppresidents. ponding t - and we're still hours away from ringing n the new year.... bbt in some placcs, its lready 2013.... how people are celebrating around tte world. 3 --adblib weether tz--
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sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute"
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look who's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. áácheerrng :08áá
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:08áá we're still aaout 6 and a half hours away from 2013... but in new zealand the party is already over. they rang in the new year at 6 aam ast coast ime. fireworks went off ovvr the city's sky tower neart the thh sounds of auckland is nnar the international date line... &pmaking it the first major cit to celebrate the new year. 33 year.celebrate the ew first major city to celebrate tte new yeaa. when ews breaks.. you can access the latest information right on your cell phone.on your cell latest breaks.. you can whhn news the new year .. means the end of some old light means the end of the new year ..
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the new year .. means the nd
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of some olddlight bulbs..... which type you wwnt be able to buy affer midnight... and the pff the shelves. pnd later..... kanye west announcement... about his girllriend, kim kardashian.
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to some old light bulbs.he end the 75-watt ncandesccet light midnight'll still be able to buy lights that have the same brightness but they'll mmst likely be l-e-d. it's all about saving energy. lehrman says: "so, last year, the hundred-watt bulb was of the year this year, january first, the seventy-five watt bulb is being phased out and the next year, most sixty-watt
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bulbs will be phased out and, you know, these are sort of &ti so that most, um, the biggest faster congrees passee a laa in 2007 requuring mmre efficient l-e-d light bulb is supposedd to last 25 to 55-thousand hours. there's a shortage of county.according to "thh e's - of the county's schools don't have a permanent, full-time nurse.the supervisor of he health services office saas and higher-paying jobs. recently... aboutt200school nurses have been a school to reat students at other schools. for all of you romantics out there... we have some bad news. love at first sight... might actually be lust at first iiht. &p it turns out that within 5 seconds of meeting a stranger you're attrrcted to... the
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brain beggns producing dopamine.around the five minute mark, you start producing adrenalineeand testosteronee upping your risk- taking impulse. and after ten minutes you begin to generate oxxtocin--which promotee bonding. so take aabeat to figure out whether it's really love you're feelingg.. or somethinn 3 3 (911 call) "if you can ssnd an ambulance this guy looks prettyyhurt" 33 p new at 5:30.... a man beaten in broad daylight.whh police now believe was behind 3and the inner harror party starts ii just three hours.... what police are doing o keep peopll safe during the cclebration. --adbllb eather tz--
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two teenagers are in jail tonight in connection to a beating in downtown baltimore. and, police stress-- there are more on theeway. way.paul gessler is live on howard street,,where the beating happened. the beating happened nearly two months agoo- in early november-- here near the corner of llmbard and howard streets... ddwntown.witnesses say a group oo teenagers beat a man to near death... inn two of hose teenagers were arrested todayyterrence green.. on the left...and dominic wardrick.the victim, john maaon,,was treaaed at ssock trauma.his sister tellss fox45 today he is expected to make a full recovery.the 9-1-1 attack. this white guy up foo oww reasoo ee laying out cold n pombard and howardd"(911 call) "if yoo can send an ambulancc this

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